Naturopathic Medicine and TreatmentTreatments


Most chronic and many acute diseases have strong links to an individual’s dietary choices. These acute and chronic diseases can be managed or even alleviated by selective nutritional therapies. Dr. Adeline Kell promotes optimal digestion by focusing on a diet rich in whole foods. In addition, she aids in the management of therapeutic diets, food allergies, and food sensitivities. Dr. Kell will also select and prescribe personalized combinations of nutritional supplements when indicated.


Based on the concept of ‘like cures like’, homeopathy matches matches a person’s unique combination with a suitable homeopathic remedy. This deep acting form of natural medicine uses extremely dilute preparations of medicinal compounds, making it completely safe for everyone, even small children and pregnant women. This holistic modality is effective for numerous ailments including acute illness, emotional and behavioral issues, low energy, and chronic disease.

Naturopathic Primary Care DoctorBotanical Medicine

Throughout human history, traditional medicine has relied on the healing properties of medicinal plants. As readily absorbed sources of nutrients, botanical medicine can be used as a tonic to support the proper function of one’s organ and hormonal systems, and to enhance immune system function. These powerful agents can also be used to target specific disease processes and return a person to health.  Dr. Kell will create unique botanical formulas to meet the specialized needs of each of her patients.